Lindsey Anderson

Lindsey Anderson Bathofglittergrl You can’t escape anguish but how to live with it The EWF community is an amazing place. There’s so much love and camaraderie. The podcast allows me to feel connected to others who GET IT. Efrain and David work so hard on it and I appreciate that work very much. Tour All […]

Diana Doty

Diana Doty wakingdreams we’ll see how brave you are Why do I support the podcast? I am who I am, in no small part, because of my relationship with Tori’s music. It has shaped so much of how I think about the world and my place in it. I was thrilled to find the podcast […]

Jim Pesek

Jim Pesek one4music658 I REALLY respect your effort and have been thoroughly entertained and informed. I love the idea of making a “time capsule” of Tori’s live and recorded Art. You guys are doing a fantastic job and I want to contribute (although minimally- sorry- teacher’s salary!) towards future endeavors. FACEBOOK Team Noun Team Quartet […]

Erik Williams

Erik Williams heydoyoudojudo Gonna get you back to you… I love this show. Efrain and David are so thorough and so insightful in their discussions of each song. It is so incredible to be able to “geek-out” with them over material that I love so much and I think it’s so important that they’ve committed […]

Aurora Aaraas

Aurora Aaraas Never going back again Why do I support this podcast? I love you guys. And I love your work. Thank you so much! You cheer up my dark days and you make the bright ones better. I feel so happy every time there is a new episode from one of your podcasts in […]


Caro Why do you support this podcast? I love listening to people talk about Tori, especially since most people I know in real life don’t particularly care about her. Drive All Night is done with such care and rigor. I’m learning a lot about Tori and the songs. TWITTER Team Noun Team Solo Princeton Postdoc […]

Craig Maddox

Craig Maddox Boys4Pele I can’t put this day back Why do I support the podcast? Haven’t missed an episode yet! Long overdue support for a podcast which has provided me with as many laughs as it has thought-provoking self-reflections. Keep up the fantastic work, boys. FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER Team Noun Team Band Hertfordshire, England Teacher and Singer/Songwriter Signature […]


MK Why do I support the podcast? WEBSITE | FACEBOOK | INSTAGRAM | TWITTER Team Verb Finland Student Signature Song: n/a Favorite Album: Boys for Pele Favorite Video: Caught a Lite Sneeze Favorite TV Performance: Father Lucifer at Letterman 1996 First Show: n/a Favorite Tour: Plugged 98 Favorite Show: n/a One Bootleg You Can’t Live […]

Jenna Woloshyn

Jenna Woloshyn Mrs. Crocodile Vultures in my garden, figures that I know them Why do I support the podcast? It’s nice to know that there are people seeking out over Tori. I’ve never been one to seek out interviews or bootlegs, so I like that someone is curating all that and putting it in my favorite form of media consumption. Also, I’ve been […]