0308 Muhammad My Friend

EPISODE 0308 AUDIO | VIDEO Efrain and David are back to explore the Christian faith through this hidden gem. Joined by feminist author Jessa Crispin during the lyrical dissection, as well as superfan Alexander Léger-Small, it’s finally time to tell the world all about Muhammad My Friend! Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby, Sincerely Shaggy, […]

0307 Caught A Lite Sneeze

EPISODE 0307 AUDIO | VIDEO Our biggest and most exciting episode ever! Efrain and David give this seminal track a complete exploration, leaving no building untumbled. Interviews with Mike Lipscombe (Music Video Director), Valerie Dee Naranjo (SNL Drummer), Mike Maihack (Comic Book Tattoo artist) and Glo Hawa (Superfan) round out this jam packed episode. Plus we […]

0306 Marianne

EPISODE 0306 AUDIO | VIDEO Marianne brings the dawn of a new era for the heroine in our story, as well as for the podcast. Jump in the frying pan for a full exploration of this quintessential Tori track including interviews with artist Kako and Marianne super fan Martin Eden. Plus a check-in with our Pele […]

0305 Mr. Zebra

EPISODE 0305 AUDIO | VIDEO Efrain takes the reigns on this full length episode for the first Pele interlude. A full exploration of this cute little number co-hosted by David Anderson and including an interview with Eisner & Harvey Award-Winning writer and artist Rantz Hoseley. Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby, another installment of Sincerely […]

0304 Professional Widow

EPISODE 0304 AUDIO | VIDEO Efrain and Danny bring it close to your lips. A full exploration of the King of all shade tracks, Professional Widow. Including interviews with Rolling Stone writer Evelyn McDonnell and Atlantic A&R Executive Johnny D. DeMairo. Plus a check-in with our Pele Baby and another installment of Sincerely Shaggy. Full of […]

0303 Father Lucifer

EPISODE 0303 AUDIO | VIDEO Efrain and Danny present their biggest episode ever in honor of one of Tori’s signature songs. Co-hosted by David Anderson and including interviews with King Britt, Omaha Perez, Val Patterson and Meade, the boys serve you up everything you ever wanted to know about Father Lucifer (including information on a rare white label remix […]

0302 Blood Roses

EPISODE 0302 AUDIO | VIDEO Efrain and Danny are finally back on the street now. With this epic song comes epic responsibility and the boys have filled this episode with interviews, sound bites, rare live performances and more! Includes an interview with pianist and composer YANTA, a chat with an actual Pele Baby and a […]

0301 Beauty Queen / Horses

EPISODE 0301 AUDIO | VIDEO   The boys return with their biggest episode to date. In Chapter One of the sonic novel Boys For Pele,  Efrain and Danny find themselves traveling to the underworld in order to reclaim their womanhood. Full of rare sound bites, live performances and interesting facts, this episode includes a lesson on the […]

0300 PLUS: Boys For Pele Primer

EPISODE 0300 TRAILER | EPISODE Before Efrain and Danny kick off the Boys For Pele season, there’s just a few things they thought you should know. And a few things they wanted to remind themselves of as well. Take a listen to hear exactly how far down the rabbit hole they’ve gone in their pursuit of knowledge in […]