025: Geneva, Switzerland POSTSHOW

Kathleen gives a full report on the very first DSOT (Dark Show of Tour) but also the BSOT for her! Travel back in time with us as we relive what it was like to get set lists after the show as if we haven’t made a ton of technological progress in the last twenty years. […]

021: Frankfurt, Germany POSTSHOW

Listen as we call Frank Jania for a full report from the Frankfurt show. Not only is he our own the phone correspondent, but he live streamed the whole show which you can find on our twitter! What a world we live in! Plus un update to wills and wants and a very moving clip […]

014: Paris, France PRESHOW

Our special September 11th preshow episode. Efrain & Danny discuss previous sets from other 9/11 Tori shows and speculate what may be in store for Paris tonight. Including memorable clips from those shows as well. Remember to hug your loved ones today and if you make it to the meet and greet, please tell Tori […]

005: It’s All Happening

  With tour starting in only two days, Efrain and Danny start the official freak out! Play WILLS and WANTS with us, and hear our guesses at what we think the nightly show opener will be! Plus meet and greet etiqutette as well as our first meet and greet experiences.

0100: Official Trailer

It’s all happening! With word of the Native Invader tour on the horizon, we’ve decided to hit the road! Literally and metaphorically. Starting later this year we will be bringing you Tour All Night: The Shows of Tori Amos, a nightly recap show that rounds up all the relevant news, gossip, setlist info, wills, wants, […]