0335 I’m On Fire

AUDIO As Efrain and David get hashtag Closer to Choirgirl, they stop for a moment to fan the flames of desire. The boys pay tribute to Bruce Springsteen with a deep exploration of I’m On Fire as well as other Springsteen covers that Tori has done throughout her career. This episode includes a fantastic interview […]

0333 Alamo

AUDIO Efrain and David take a last stand to unlock the mystery of Alamo. Along with cohost Sakre Heinze, the boys unravel the mystery of the lyrics as well as embark(adero) on an extensive exploration of the live evolution of the song–backwards! Complete with rare clips, soundbites and more. We took our chances!

0332 Sister Named Desire

AUDIO We celebrate the most obscure Pele Bee-Side with the most guests EVER crammed into a single episode. Packed to the brim and thirsting for more, this desirous episode Includes interviews with Super-Fans Julie Chappell, Jessica Levi, Shea Stimac and Lindsey Nettleton as well as conversations with PRT, Stefan Svendsen, Lauren Eschwie and Canadian Musician […]

0331 Frog On My Toe

AUDIO Efrain and David explore Tori’s relationship with her maternal grandfather through hisTORIcal quotes and clips. Includes an interview with Emi Kane, aka The Girl With the Kaleidoscope Hair, who brings a fresh perspective about the song and its themes. Also includes a very thorough live dissection.

0329 Amazing Grace/Til the Chicken

AUDIO Still on their retreat, Efrain and David are back with an explosive discovery about this song. Learn all about it with them as they find amazing grace til the chicken come home. Includes flashback interviews with George Porter Jr and Jared Goode, who each share a very different thought on how this song was […]

0328 Nothing Like A Man

AUDIO In this special episode from our Patreon archives, we fall down the rabbit hole with Amber Rose who has uncovered a track written by Tori Amos & Cindy Marble. Featured in the 1988 video The Party, Tori sings background vocals for The Rugburns on this track, and it truly is EVERYTHING you want it […]

0327 Graveyard

EPISODE 0327AUDIO | VIDEO | SHOW NOTES For this very special episode, we take a trip to Hollywood Forever Cemetery where we attempt to conjure up some ghosts! If you love the sounds of helicopters and Los Angeles street traffic, then you’ve found the right episode! Includes an interview with two figures from beyond the grave to […]