0301 Beauty Queen / Horses



The boys return with their biggest episode to date. In Chapter One of the sonic novel Boys For Pele,  Efrain and Danny find themselves traveling to the underworld in order to reclaim their womanhood. Full of rare sound bites, live performances and interesting facts, this episode includes a lesson on the Leslie Cabinet as well as an excerpt of Tori reading Stardust from the new BBC radio production of the Neil Gaiman classic.  Included with Horses is a complete analysis of Beauty Queen as well as Fire-Eater’s Wife, and also a return visit from our Neil Correspondent Lauren Eschwie. Finally, a revealing interview with Musician and Producer Gavin Bradley, famous to the Tori world for his 1996 underground remix of Horses. Gavin shares all the behind-the-scenes gossip on the remix album that was abandoned by Atlantic, plus details about how his own remix came to be.

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 Beauty Queen by ΔURΔL ΔTRIVM | LISTEN
 Beauty Queen / Horses (Instrumental Cover) by YANTA | LISTEN
 Fire-Eater's Wife (demo) by Tori Amos | LISTEN
 Beauty Queen / Horses (Cover) by Felix and the Future | LISTEN
Horses (Gavo's Houseback Mix) | LISTEN
Horses (Gavo's Houseback Mix with Beauty Queen Intro) | LISTEN
The Path You Didn't Take by Gavin Bradley | LISTEN

Horses (120 Minutes) (21 January 1996 - New York, NY) | LISTEN | WATCH
Horses/Fool on the Hill (2 Meter Sessions) (25 January 1996 - The Netherlands) LISTEN | WATCH
Horses (Geschmachsache) (27 January 1996 - Germany) LISTEN | WATCH
Beauty Queen / Horses (RAINN) (23 January 1997)  | LISTEN | WATCH
Horses (3 May 1998 - Seattle, WA) | LISTEN
Horses (1 June 1998 - Nord Holland, The Netherlands) | LISTEN
Horses (19 July 1998 - Chicago, IL) | LISTEN
Horses (28 July 1998 - New York, NY) | LISTEN
Horses (6 August 1998 - Canandaigua, NY) | LISTEN
Beauty Queen / Mary (25 November 1998 - Newark, NJ) | LISTEN
Horses (22 August 1999 - Nashville, TN) | LISTEN
Beauty Queen / Horses (29 October 1999 - London, ENG) | LISTEN
Beauty Queen / Horses (Strange Little Webcast) (12 October 2001 - NYC) | LISTEN
Horses (30 August 2005 - Cleveland, OH) | LISTEN
Beauty Queen / Horses (16 July 2010 - Dublin, IRE) | LISTEN
Beauty Queen / Horses (18 October 2011 - Amsterdam) | LISTEN
Beauty Queen / Horses (15 November 2015 - Melbourne, AUS) | LISTEN

Horses (Gavo's Dubback Mix) | LISTEN

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  1. Guys, guys, guys! Bean bag = ‘Beene’ bag, don’t you think it’s a possibility?

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