0300 PLUS: Boys For Pele Primer


Before Efrain and Danny kick off the Boys For Pele season, there’s just a few things they thought you should know. And a few things they wanted to remind themselves of as well. Take a listen to hear exactly how far down the rabbit hole they’ve gone in their pursuit of knowledge in the field of Tori Amosotry. Full of rare sound bites, clips, and TV appearances. Plus Efrain catches up with Wade Alberty, a significant Tori Amos fan from over twenty years ago!

Purchase Boys For Pele (Deluxe Remastered Double CD) HERE
watch Boys For Pele EPK (shot by Nancy Bennett) | HERE
watch Tori on Jools Holland (9 December 1995) | HERE
watch Tori on 120 Minutes with Matt Pinfield (20 January 1996) | HERE
watch Tori on This Morning With Richard & Judy (3 January 1996) | HERE

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