0215 Piano Suite: All the Girls Hate Her / Over It


Efrain and Danny are over all the girls hating them so they offer a Tori Amos master class with pianist and performer Brian J Nash. In addition the boys chat with percussion duo Escape Ten about their incredible cover of Over It.

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listen to Over It/Tubular Bells/Way Down (14 September 2005 - San Diego, CA) HERE
listen to All the Girls Hate Her/COMT (22 March 1994 - Los Angeles, CA) HERE

2 thoughts on “0215 Piano Suite: All the Girls Hate Her / Over It

  1. LOVE the interview with Brian Nash — thanks for getting him on the show! (I think I saw him do a Pele show in NYC years ago? fun to hear more of his thoughts.) please have him back!!

    the Over It cover is really beautiful. & thanks for the Keith Jarrett connection.

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