0211 Space Dog




Efrain and Danny show us all what they do know about the masterful Space Dog from Under the Pink. Full of soundbites, rare live performances, and an in-depth interview with Huffington Post Queer Voices Executive Editor Noah Michelson. Plus a check-in with our Neil Gaiman correspondent Lauren.

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 watch a rare 1994 Tori interview from Swedish TV HERE
 listen to YANTA's instrumental cover of Space Dog HERE
 listen to LieberMichael's Space Dog Pip Under the Pink RMX HERE
 listen to Karl William Lund's cover of Space Dog/He Has A Well HERE

 listen to Space Dog (7 November 1994 - Quebec City, QUE) HERE
 listen to Space Dog (28 October 1996 - College Station, TX) HERE
 listen to Space Dog (29 August 1999 - Saratoga Springs, NY) HERE
 listen to Space Dog (21 October 2001 - Minneapolis, MN) HERE
 listen to Space Dog (23 April 2003 - Dallas, TX) HERE
 listen to Space Dog (23 August 2014 - Orlando, FL) HERE

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