0209 Icicle




Efrain and Danny could have. They should have. They did! Listen as these two gents dive deep into seminal Under the Pink track Icicle. Full of soundbites, rare live performances, and an in-depth discussion about sexual shame, religion and what it means to icicle oneself.

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 watch Tori discuss Under the Pink HERE
 watch Tori perform Icicle/Onward Christian Soldiers on MTV Unplugged HERE
 listen to Icicle for KSCA Live from the Music Hall HERE
 watch Frozen May cover Icicle HERE
 listen to Yanta's cover of Icicle HERE
 watch Tori perform Icicle at Bonnaroo HERE
listen to the Under the Pink in its original track order on Spotify HERE
listen to Icicle (demo) HERE
 listen to Icicle (9 April 1994 - Berlin, GER) HERE
 listen to Icicle for WDET (4 July 1994 - Detroit, MI) HERE
 listen to Icicle (30 July 1996 - Los Angeles, CA) HERE
 listen to Icicle (29 September 1999 - Dallas, TX) HERE
 listen to Icicle (30 August 2001 - London, UK) HERE
 listen to Icicle (9 November 2002 - Melbourne, FL) HERE
 listen to Icicle (10 July 2009 - Seattle, WA) HERE
 listen to Icicle from Bonnaroo (11 June 2010 - Manchester, TN) HERE

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