0205 Baker Baker




Efrain and Danny mix the right ingredients and bake the perfect episode just for you. Full of soundbites, rare live performances, and a phone call with Baker Baker super fan Jamie Cerretti. If you listen to this episode say hi.

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 watch Tori visiting with a fan and Mario Lopez HERE
 watch Tori perform Baker Baker on NBC Today HERE
 watch Tori perform Baker Baker on The Tonight Show HERE
 watch Rosalie Craig perform Baker Baker HERE
 watch Rachel Mulwee cover Baker Baker HERE
 listen to Steven Powell cover Baker Baker HERE
listen to Baker Baker from the Glory of the 80's Pt 2 single [DELETED]
listen to Baker Baker (demo) HERE
 listen to Baker Baker (21 October 2011 - Copenhagen, DEN) HERE
 listen to Baker Baker (25 April 2003 - San Antonio, TX) HERE
 listen to Baker Baker (9 September 2005 - Ridgefield, WA) HERE

2 thoughts on “0205 Baker Baker

  1. Love, love, love the discussion at the beginning of Baker, Baker. Thank you for going there! After hearing this in San Diego, 2014, I had to search a little deeper for meaning, because it hit me in the gut and I got teary. I really got the song at the gut level, that you both spoke to, and saw that I was the one being emotionally unavailable for my husband. Even though Forest of Glass came later in the set, they two songs stuck together for me and I was able to do some work around opening up, even more, for my husband (who I have been with for almost 21 years). Live Tori Therapy…

    • it’s crazy how after so long we have to still remind ourselves to stay emotionally available. i just listened again to the beginning and wow, those emotions are raw!!!

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