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  1. Hey there! I did enjoy this episode, but there is one thing i wanted to address , since you brought up the fact that you always wanted to discover what this song was *truly* about and the origins of how it came to be , why couldn`t you guys contact someone to ask ex:the engineer of the song Ian stanely to ask him what his story was, similiar to like what you had done in the happy worker. 🙁

    • Good question. I think maybe we didn’t have the foresight with this episode to contact Ian Stanley and by the time we went into recording it was too late. It wasn’t until we recorded that we realized the other person was also like WTF is this song about.

      Also, for the record, I’m not sure what good it would have done to contact Ian Stanley. He’s a known recluse who decidedly does not give interviews.

  2. Ah I can understand that, but yes he does seem like one but there are other alternative's I mean you could try and attempt to contact chris hughes his collegue and see what he says if your able to reach him though of course or the other enginer callum ross or mixer steve a williams since they're credited, even ask them about the other songs they did while working with her & how those sessions turned out.

  3. I know you guys can't make any promises since it is diffucult to accomplish but you have managed to get in touch with some BIG names in these recent podcats so at least try this, for you and all the other fans!

  4. Like ode to the banna king maybe they can answer the questions for us and tell us what the heck that song was really all bout xD? huh

  5. or maybe something like song for eric since she re worked it with them like what she did with china. and how about me and a gun how did that go i heard she did it in one take?

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