0114 Upside Down




In the Season opener, Efrain and Danny go deep inside Upside Down. Plus are you Team Period or Team Colon? Listen in and choose a side!

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listen to Upside Down live (24 October 2007 - Buffalo, NY) [DELETED]
listen to the Upside Down mashup (6 August 2014 - Detroit, MI) HERE
watch Upside Down from the RAINN concert HERE
listen to Upside Down live (29 September 1992 - Boulder, CO) HERE
listen to Upside Down from Bliss (10 November 1998 - Binghamton, NY) HERE
listen to Upside Down with Over It intro (31 March 1994 - Boston, MA) HERE
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4 thoughts on “0114 Upside Down

  1. Definitely team colon! Always thought it was her much more elegant way of saying 'I practise cognitive behavioural therapy ie I cannot always control what happens to me but I can control how I react to it.'
    Also wanted to note that Clyde, being an avatar of Persephone, is in some ways the eternal damsel in distress, who gives and gives but rarely gets anything in return; some quintessential Clyde songs would include Black Swan, Mother, Cloud On My Tongue, Maybe California, and The Power of Orange Knickers. (Yes, I do assign non-ADP songs to particular Dolls…) XD

  2. Oh wow I always had a different interpretation than either of the ones mentioned.

    I've always taken the "secret to life"/"I'm okay when everything is not okay" line to mean "the only time I'm okay is when I'm in crisis; I'm addicted to crisis; if life doesn't provide me with one I will gladly create my own."

    Y'know? We have all known (or even been) people like this before. Those who are never content. Those who are "only happy when it rains" to quote another 90s legend ;).

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