0105 Winter




We get a little warm in our hearts when we think of Winter, a beautiful and meaningful ballad from Tori’s debut album Little Earthquakes. 

Purchase Little Earthquakes (Deluxe CD) HERE
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Watch the Winter music video HERE
Listen to Winter live (29 September 1992 - Boulder, CO) HERE

4 thoughts on “0105 Winter

  1. I had never noticed the edits in the video version of the song! The last half of the second verse is missing, and the end is different. I actually like the sharper ending better.

  2. I disagree about the video. I definitely think it tells a story, reminiscent of her childhood through discovering and loving who she is and still wanting Dad to be proud. Incredibly beautiful song , one of which first drew me to her, and glad when I hear it in concert, but have grown (with her) to want the more complicated, intricate songs. My journey started here, and will always be the inner child.

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