0104 Precious Things




Efrain’s and Danny’s loyalties do not turn when it comes to Precious Things, the centerpiece of Tori’s debut album Little Earthquakes.

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watch Precious Things Live (RAINN concert) HERE
check out Tori in what Efrain calls a peach party dress HERE

2 thoughts on “0104 Precious Things

  1. Love love love this song. So exciting when she does it live, and I have seen 5 concerts, with each "girl" quite different. I hadn't seen the RAINN concert. That must have been incredible live. Taped it seems a little disturbing, if not dissociative, but always always cathartic. Thanks guys. I'll tune in tomorrow.

    • Thank you so much! We should have mentioned she did this show immediately following her first miscarriage, and it seems like she’s working through a lot of that during this song. 🙁

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