6 thoughts on “0100: Official Trailer

  1. Just discovered the podcast. Great fun. Was initially confused by title as I thought it was a reference to the song "Drive All Night," a B-Side from ADP (love that song) until I realized it was a reference to a lyric from "Crazy." Already had a few moments of yelling in the car at some of your decisions/trivia omissions (how could you miss the "Happy Phantom" lyric flub at Montreaux!?), but the podcast does a good job of making it seem like I am involved in a conversation with friends. Hope you continue this massive undertaking.

    • thank you so much for your comment and sorry we’re so late in responding! boys for pele is coming up starting soon and you can expect a much more thorough live section!!! xx

  2. Absolutely addicted to you guys!!

    So….not to be pushy…but can your legions of fans expect to take a journey to hell and back with you? Via BFP of course ;).

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